Department of engineering

Department of Engineering conducts research within
four classic engineering fields and use technical science
to create solutions that benefit society


2014.09.15 | Public / media

Speed Up! Europe - EU support for development of web-based projects

The Speed UP! Europe programme helps developers and companies to use FIWARE software enablers for new webservices within AgriBusiness, SmartCities and Cleantech. The budget, €5,5 mio., will be shared between approx. 100 projects January 2015.

2014.09.15 | Public / media

Launch of €4 million fund for new Applications in Smart Agriculture

On 15th September, the SmartAgriFood accelerator officially launched a €4 million open call for SMEs and web-entrepreneurs with an additional €2 million in funding to pay for expert advice and support services. The call for applications closes on the 15th of November

Aarhus University’s education and research activities in building construction and mechanical engineering are now located at Navitas. (Lars Kruse)
A total of 2,700 students have just started using Navitas. (Lars Kruse)
Researchers, students, entrepreneurs and established companies all work under the same roof at Navitas. (Lars Kruse)
The iconic hexagonal building will be the city’s new centre for research, education and innovation, with a focus on energy technology in particular. (Lars Kruse)

2014.09.02 | Public / media

Inauguration of Navitas

Today, Friday 5 September, the new Navitas Building at the Port of Aarhus will be officially opened by Aarhus University, INCUBA, the Aarhus School of Marine and Technical Engineering and the Aarhus City Council.


Thu 13 Nov
08:00-17:00 | Fuglsangs Alle, 8210 Aarhus V, Denmark
Conference: Big Data - Big Impact
The conference will provide a forum for state-of-the-art dialogue on Big Data between university researchers, practitioners already exploiting Big Data and stakeholders with potential applications for Big Data in their future business practices





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