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Department of Engineering conducts research within
four classic engineering fields and use technical science
to create solutions that benefit society


A research team has succeeded in identifying ten new antibodies that can keep cancer dormant. Peter Kristensen (in the middle) toghether with  Edzard Spillner and Luis Álvarez-Vallina both also from the Department of Engineering, Aarhus University. (Photo: Anders Trærup, AU)
Illustrated here is one of the antibodies that bind to blood vessel cells and prevent them from forming new pathways into cancer cells. (Photo: Peter Kristensen)

2014.12.19 | Department of Engineering

New antibodies for cancer treatment

Out of a library with billions of artificial antibodies, researchers have identified ten that can possibly prevent cancer tumours from growing.

Rune Hylsberg Jacobsen, Department of Engineering, has been appointed to head the AU Energy Systems and Markets network. In the coming years, he will thus spearhead the university’s inter-faculty energy research collaboration. (Photo: Anders Trærup)

2014.12.15 | Public / media

AU Energy gains strength

Aarhus University is increasing its activities in the AU Energy network. The aim is to strengthen interdisciplinary research collaboration regarding energy.

2014.12.09 | Department of Engineering

Aarhus University to provide research for historically large energy project

Aarhus University and a number of companies and public sector partners have been awarded an historically large European Commission grant to find new solutions to how housing areas can reduce total energy consumption. The project involves 1,000 households in the city of Aarhus, which in the coming years will function as a full-scale laboratory for…


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