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Department of Engineering conducts research within four classic engineering fields and use technical science to create solutions that benefit society


Poul Henning Kirkegaard has been appointed professor at the Department of Engineering. He will strengthen the interplay between the aesthetic and functional aspects of research in construction and building design.

2014.04.08 | People

New professor will strengthen the interaction between engineering and architecture

Poul Henning Kirkegaard has been appointed Professor of Engineering and Building Design at the Department of Engineering, Aarhus University. The professorship was established to strengthen teaching and research in the interaction between engineering and architecture.

2014.03.26 | Department of Engineering

Annual Report 2013 is ready

In 2013, Department of Engineering experienced growth in the number and volume of external research grants. This has launched a number of new research projects of high international standard.

[Translate to English:] Institut for Ingeniørvidenskab er torsdag d. 20. marts vært for et stort klimaseminar (Foto: Colourbox)

2014.03.19 | Department of Engineering

Climate debaters meet in Aarhus

Where do we get the energy from in the future? This is one of the questions when Department of Engineering hostes a great climate seminar Thursday the 20th of March.


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