Department of Engineering and Aarhus University School of Engineering are closely linked organisationally in order to ensure optimal conditions for both research and education as well as for developing strong relationships with society through applied research.

The organisation chart depicts the formal structure of the Department of Engineering, Aarhus University and shows how the different research sections are grouped in the department.


Department of Engineering


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The research and development activities in Department of Engineering cover the engineering field broadly and are organised in four fields: Biological and Chemical Engineering, Civil and Architectural Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering and Mechanical Engineering.

In the interface between these four research areas, the department regularly selects a number of cross-cutting research initiatives that are of significant relevance to society or have the potential for contributing significantly to the Danish economy. This includes research areas such as sustainable energy, medical engineering and food and agricultural engineering.

Five different engineering research cases

What happens when computer technology becomes the driving factor for the development of completely new research areas. Here you can see five different engineering research cases.