Membrane and Sensor Technology

Membrane Processes
Research in membrane processes is focused on the synthesis and characterization of membrane materials and processes. Current focus is on synthesis of highly charged/ion conducting membranes with pore sizes in the range 1 nm – 50 nm. As part of these investigations specialized equipment for transport measurements in membranes is continuously being built. Currently we have experimental setups that can measure ion-conductivity (both perpendicular and transverse to the membrane surface), hydraulic permeability, streaming potential and thermoelectric effects in a wide temperature range from RT to approximately 150°C.

Some of the membrane processes that are being investigated are electrokinetic energy conversion where pressure or heat is converted directly into electrochemical energy/electricity or vice versa. Some of the potential applications are electrical generators, microfluidic pumps, compressors, advanced (electrodialytic) separation processes etc.

Sensor technology
Research in sensor technologies is application-oriented and current focus is detection and measurement of particles, flow (speed) in fluids and gases and measurement of biofilm/fouling with relevance within a range of industrial and biomedical applications.