Structural and Concrete Analysis

Subject explanation
The theory of plasticity is well known and provides obvious opportunities in terms of design of structures and understanding of physical behaviour. There is a need for further research in the use of the theory of plasticity especially and energy principles in general.  Similarly, a better description of the significant material properties is needed.

The development has been and remains to be on using increasingly stronger and less ductile materials. There is a need for methods that can handle the less ductile material with respect to the ultimate state. With the larger strengths it is also necessary to achieve a more detailed knowledge of the behaviour in the serviceability state. Another important issue is the behaviour of reinforced concrete structures in cases where the structural strength is determined by failure in the concrete.

Notwithstanding the use of the stronger and less ductile materials the theory of plasticity will remain an extremely important theory for design and understanding of structural behaviour. However, the theory should be supplemented by other theories which are also based on energy principles.

The main advantage regarding the application of the theory of plasticity is the good agreement between theory and tests, the consistent results and the simple models. It is well known and highly appreciated in industry, that complex problems can very often be treated safely and simple by plastic modelling. In cases in which a more accurate modelling is required, other methods based on energy principles and numerical modelling and experimental studies can be used with great advantage

Main purpose

  • Teaching basic and advanced courses in structural analysis and concrete structures. The main focus is directed toward concrete and steel structures and on energy principles in general and with particular emphasis on plasticity.
  • Seek new insights regarding structures in general and concrete structures specifically by the use of theoretical, numerical and experimental approaches. This is to achieve a better understanding of the physical behaviour aimed at optimal design of structures.

Our research focus are:

  • Reinforced concrete structures                       
  • Elastic and plastic analyses    
  • Structural behaviour; ultimate and serviceability behaviour
  • Laboratory testing
  • In situ measurements
  • Conceptual design of structures