Engineering is changing

The engineering field in Aarhus is undergoing change – student intake is growing rapidly, major new efforts are being made on the research front and the structural infrastructure is being expanded considerably. With the establishment of a research-based Department of Engineering and a separate School of Engineering that gather together all the engineering educations, Aarhus University has taken an important step into the future.

Aarhus University now has a strong organisational foundation for realising its ambitions regarding the development of a competitive knowledge environment within the technical science discipline with internationally top class educations, research and industrial exchange.

Department of Engineering (ENG) gathers all research activities, including the PhD programmes and MSc. Eng. programmes. Aarhus University School of Engineering is responsible for running and developing the B.Eng. programmes and for educating talented engineers for a labour market characterised by increasingly complex tasks. The activities in the two organisational entities are closely connected, and the department’s research strongly influences the development-based educational environment.