The Department of Engineering was established in July 2011 as part of the major reorganisation at Aarhus University. The new department was created by merging the existing Department of Biosystems Engineering with the research activities in Aarhus School of Engineering.

All educational activities have remained in Aarhus University School of Engineering which was established as an independent unit charged with strengthening and managing the engineering educational profile in Aarhus in close cooperation with the Department of Engineering.

For several years, Aarhus University and the Engineering College of Aarhus have collaborated on educational activities. The two organisations were merged on 1 January 2012, and the collaboration was replaced by a common institutional community.

With the establishment of Department of Engineering and Aarhus University School of Engineering, a coordinating unit has been created for the previously dispersed engineering area. This has facilitated an increased level of inter- and multidisciplinary collaborations both within the engineering area as well as between the engineering discipline and other research disciplines at Aarhus University.

Today, the research activities remain physically dispersed with activities on three different locations in Aarhus, activities at Research Center Foulum close to Viborg and at the Engineering Centre Bygholm in Horsens. The aim is to have most of the main research activities located centrally in Aarhus.