Industrial collaboration

The Department of Engineering cooperates with various organisations and companies on research and development projects. The department is always open to suggestions regarding new cooperations. 

As a company, you can cooperate with the Department of Engineering in various ways. Please find more details below. 

Industrial PhD program

An Industrial PhD project is a three-year industrially focused PhD project where the student is hired by a private company and enrolled at a university. The candidate divides his or her time between the company and the university.

What's in it for the company
In a dynamic world, it is important that employees have the right qualifications. An Industrial PhD gives the individual employee the possibility to enhance and acquire key expertise and thereby generate knowledge that can be decisive for the company's future success and competitive advantage. 

The company also strengthens its relations to the university environment opening up to new research and development collaborations and allowing for continuous knowledge exchange.

Application process

To initiate an industrial PhD project the company and the PhD candidate must each prepare an application:

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Joint research and development projects

Department of Engineering has a number of elite research environments with high international competitiveness. When companies place part of their technological innovation activities in these environments, they gain access to the latest knowledge in the field which can often accelerate their development and enhance the value of their products and services. 


Many engineering students prefer to collaborate with companies on bachelor projects or master’s theses. The Department of Engineering is happy to receive project suggestions from companies.

By collaborating with students on degree-related projects, companies often achieve valuable direct contact with the engineers of the future and can thereby begin recruitment activities among the young while they are still studying.

Partnership agreements

As a strategic partner or a corporate partner, your company will have regular access to new knowledge as well as to the environment associated with the department. 

A partnership will typically entail scientific cooperation on a specific development project, dissemination of information about job possibilities and exposure of the company to the students through joint events. In addition, a strategic or corporate partnership agreement will typically include formalised collaboration on practical placement and bachelor/master projects.

Licence agreements on the use of technology

Department of Engineering holds a number of patents that companies can utilise through a licence agreement. 


Companies can underline their engagement in society by sponsoring a professorship within a discipline of interest to the company. If you would like to contribute to a research discipline and enhance your visibility in the academic world, then sponsoring a professorship could be good way to do so.