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AU Smart Manufacturing Day 2019

The Department of Engineering Aarhus University invites you to participate in the AU Smart Manufacturing Day 2019.

2019.10.10 | Serena Leka

Date Mon 28 Oct
Time 13:00 17:00
Location Deep Tech Experimental Hub (MakerSpace), Skejby Nordlandsvej 301, Aarhus N

In this event, industry leaders across Denmark and researchers at Aarhus University will present the latest technological innovations and cutting-edge research results from different aspects of manufacturing.  You will also have the opportunity to explore collaborations with other industries and researchers at Aarhus University.

This year’s Smart Manufacturing Day will also showcase the recently built AU ENG Makerspace. The AU ENG Makerspace is a state-of-the-art collaborative fabrication space aiming to generate real-world research impact through engagement with Danish industry while preparing students for the growing high-tech skilled job market. We also invite interested industry partners to join us for a discussion on ideas and future initiatives that can help us build a strong industry-academic partnership within the AU ENG Makerspace. We are currently soliciting industries to contribute towards the development of the AU ENG Makerspace through donations of machinery, materials, and monetary support. Contributing industries will have first access in proposing research projects utilizing the maker space.

Finally, we make a call to AU ENG Alumni to pass by and witness the evolving initiatives of ENG Department and reconnect with former colleagues, partners and teachers.


13:00 - 13:15    Registration

13:15 - 13:30    Welcome Note

13:30 - 14:30    FastTrack on the ENG Research projects at the AU ENG Makerspace

14:30 - 15:00    Break and Networking

15:00 - 15:30    Industry Partners and Projects with the Department of Engineering

15:30 - 16:30    Researchers Match Workshop

16:30 - ongoing  Closing remarks, dinner and networking

Courtesy of Business Committee in the Faculty of Science and Technology!


For more information, please contact Serena Leka, Project Manager, Department of Engineering

Registration - (deadline 23 October at 12:00) - Click here

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