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Mogens Hinge from Aarhus University visits the Aage Vestergaard Larsen (AVL) recycling company in Mariager. With head of business development at AVL, Gitte Buk Larsen, he is inspecting a new plastic granulate. Photo: Britta Fischer Mogensen
... And in this picture they are looking at used plastic pipes. Photo: Britta Fischer Mogensen

2019.10.09 | Department of Engineering

New knowledge about old plastics

There is a huge number of different plastic types. This means it is no easy matter to get the rate of plastics recycling to rise. At the Department of Engineering, daily tests on plastics will make it easier for industry to identify the specific type of plastic and produce recycled plastic products in the right quality. Learn more about the…

"One of the more interesting things I'm working on is bioelectronic devices, a field where electronics and biology come together. Here we try to encapsulate biocompatible 3D printed electronic in human cells," says Shweta Agarwala, a new assistant professor at Aarhus University. Photo: Lars Kruse / AU Foto.

2019.10.03 | Department of Engineering

World of opportunities with Printed Electronics in Denmark

Shweta Agarwala, MSc in engineering from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore and PhD in electronics engineering from the National University of Singapore, is a new assistant professor at the Department of Engineering, Aarhus University. Her research focus is printed electronics catered towards finding novel healthcare solutions.

Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) is a super-plastic material commercially known as Dyneema or Spectra, which is already taking over from Kevlar in e.g. bullet-proof jackets, which PhD Simon Skovsgård is wearing here. Photo: Lars Kruse, AU Foto. Bullet-proof jacket lent by Grejfreak.dk

2019.10.01 | Department of Engineering

New research identifies the strengths and weaknesses of super material

Scientists from Aarhus University and the University of Cambridge are the first to measure and set guidelines for bolted joints using the up-coming replacement for Kevlar: the ultra-strong material with the catchy name ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene

"The objective is for the technology to be cost-effective at a scale suited to a large biogas plant. The ultimate goal is a society where nothing goes to waste. Where no fossil fuels are dug out of the ground, and we have an alternative for everything we dig up today. The circular bioeconomy at its best," says Lars Ottosen. Photo: AU Foto.

2019.09.26 | Department of Engineering

Danish research to make black-as-coal methanol production 100% green

Every year, more than 70 million tonnes of methanol are produced in a process based almost exclusively on fossil fuels. A new project with Haldor Topsøe, Aarhus University and others is aiming at making production entirely green and based on biogas.

PhD Student and electrical engineer Niloofar Yazdani has a M.Sc.Eng. from K .N. Toosi University of Technology in Iran and came to Denmark 1,5 year ago with her husband and 4-year-old daughter. Photo: Jesper Bruun.
The research team Network Computing, Communications and Storage (NETX) på Institut for Ingeniørvidenskab is supervised by Associate Professor Daniel Lucani Rötter.

2019.09.17 | Department of Engineering

Best Paper Award: Niloofar Yazdani

PhD Student and electrical engineer Niloofar Yazdani recently won the Best Paper Award for her research in network coding at the international IEEE conference in South Africa.

"Basically, with regard to what is possible to produce chemically, we’re still lagging way behind nature," says Associate Professor Selin Kara from the Department of Engineering, Aarhus University. Her new project comprises 22 european universities and organisations and start up at January 2020. Photo: Ida Marie Jensen, AU Foto.

2019.09.11 | Department of Engineering

Danish-led research project couples academia with industry to pave the way for sustainable production of chemicals

The Department of Engineering at Aarhus University is heading a new international and intersectoral project, which will create 100 per cent pure, natural and sustainable chemical products by mimicking the metabolism of living organisms. The project is potentially ground-breaking for one of the world's most polluting industries.

The project, which is called REBOOT, is headed by Assistant Professor Patrick Biller from the Department of Engineering, Aarhus University. The project officially starts on 1 January 2020, and will be run at pilot scale at the department's Centre for Biorefining Technologies at Foulum, which is already home to one of the world's largest HTL reactors. Photo: AU Foto.

2019.09.03 | Department of Engineering

Revolutionising the way we manage waste: A Danish researcher is developing a pioneering new technology able to e.g. recover all phosphorus from manure and sludge

An engineer from Aarhus University has received the prestigious ERC Starting Grant for the launch of a new research project, which can have far-reaching and ground-breaking significance for the environment throughout the world. The project promises to completely revolutionise the way we manage liquid waste today.

In the future, AI will help expose stock-market fraud. Associate Professor Alexandros Iosifidis from the Department of Engineering at Aarhus University is leading the project, which is funded by the Independent Research Fund Denmark. Photo: Lars Kruse / AU Foto.

2019.09.02 | Department of Engineering

Danish researchers develop artificial intelligence to expose stock-market fraud

The Department of Engineering at Aarhus University is heading a new project to put an end to stock-exchange fraud and market manipulation. The researchers will use artificial intelligence (AI) to clean up the extensive fraud taking place, where control is currently implemented via manual sampling.

2019.08.27 | Department of Engineering

New Project Collaboration will provide an innovative MOOC, training managers to successfully lead digital transformation in Furniture companies

Aarhus University, Department of Engineering and Department of Management, is one of the consortium partners in an Erasmus+ successful projects - KA2: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices - Sector Skills Alliances.

Science and Technology welcomed its new students on Wednesday 21 August. More than 300 'old' students helped enormously as student advisers to give the new students a good start to their life at the university. Photo: Melissa Yildirim, AU FOTO.
"Today is the start of a new life for you - professionally, personally and socially," said Vice-dean for Education Finn Borchsenius, who was responsible for the official welcome from the faculty at the Lakeside Lecture Theatres and at Navitas. Photo: Melissa Yildirim, AU FOTO.

2019.08.27 | AU Engineering

Welcome to new students

Science and Technology offered a warm welcome to 1,640 new science and engineering students as they started their studies on 21 August 2019.

"If we are to reach the new climate targets, energy renovation is vital," AART Architects and researchers from the Department of Engineering write in this post, which was originally brought in the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten. Photo: Brabrand Boligforening.

2019.08.15 | Department of Engineering

The social housing sector is the key to achieving climate targets

This article was published in the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten on 12 August 2019. The article was written by Professor (Docent) Søren Wandahl, Stina Rask Jensen PhD, Aliakbar Kamari, postdoc and Johanne Mose Entwistle, head of documentation at AART Architects.

The five students who build the first satellite of Aarhus University, Delphini-1. At far right Kåre Jensen, who's studying MSc in Engineering in Computer Technology. Photo: Delphini-1.

2019.07.09 | Department of Engineering

IT degree programmes fully booked

114 young people have chosen Aarhus University's three new degree programmes as their first priority.

Last week, researchers, industry representatives and other players from all over Europe were gathered at Aarhus University Foulum (AU Foulum) for the Circular Bioeconomy Days 2019 conference and the inauguration of the new biorefinery facility. Photo: Agro Business Park A/S.

2019.07.03 | Department of Engineering

New biorefinery is an important step in the transition to more environmentally and climate friendly agriculture

A new DKK 15 million biorefinery facility will make agriculture greener through the cultivation of grass instead of cereals. The many benefits to be gained from farming grass include fewer emissions of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere and less leaching of nitrogen into the aquatic environment. Another important benefit is that grass is a new…

The graphic shows the total solar energy production for all European countries in the period 2013-2017. Each tiny field represents a week's energy production: The brighter the color the more energy was produced. Graphics: Assistant Professor Marta Victoria.

2019.07.01 | Department of Engineering

Danish researchers create worldwide solar energy model

Solar cells are currently the world's most talked-about renewable energy source, and for any future sustainable energy system, it is crucial to know about the performance of photovoltaic systems at local, regional and global levels. Danish researchers have just set up an historically accurate model, and all the data has been made available for…

“There are problems with groundwater all over the world. Either there’s too little, or there’s too much, or it’s polluted. It’s very important that we have the technology to better map the groundwater in all countries in order to find out how we can take better care of it in the future," says Associate Professor Jakob Juul Larsen. Photo: Lars Kruse / AU Foto.

2019.06.27 | Department of Engineering

New technology will provide super-precise groundwater models

Newly developed NMR technology from Aarhus University can become a gamechanger for 3D modelling of groundwater resources and soil conditions.

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