Research projects

Here you see a list of some of the research projects within the classical engineering areas.

Click on the projects that you are interested in and contact the project leader if you want to know more.

Biological and Chemical Engineering

3D printing of graphene reinforced PUR
Anti-angiogenic antibodies
B12 Vitamin Deficiency
Balance of plant optimisation
Blood reveals your biological age
Designing recyclable advanced materials for wind energy
Enhanced oil recovery
Farewell to conical flasks
Heat transfer effective antifouling solutions for heat exchange surfaces
Lipids for all purposes
A Major Bioproducts Adventure
Measuring biological drugs and anti-drug antibodies in patients
Molecular Adhesive for Strong and Durable Bonding of Rubber to Metal
New and efficient energy conversion in membranes
New antibody formats for therapy
New antioxidants protect omega-3
New Cholesterol lowering substance
New concepts in allergy treatment
New skin cream formula
Photo-electrochemical charging of redox couples
Reduced odour from pig farms
Reduced nitrogen emission by bio-addification of cattle slurry
Renewable FlowStorage
Single Cell Proteomics
Solar charged Redox Flow Batteries

Civil and Architectural Engineering

How to measure architectural atmosphere
Mass detection on stationary wind turbine blade
New hot climate ventilation system for poultry and pigs
Optimized animal-specific barn climatization facing temperature rise and increased climate variability
Resource efficient cities implementing advanced smart city solutions
Sensors report on the state of the building
Stochastic Dynamics in Wind Turbines
Sustainable construction in Indonesia
Tectonic architectural engineering
Urban Tranquility
Virtual Power Plant for Smart Grid Ready Buildings

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Application of information technologies in Precision Apiculture
Comprehensive Modelling for Advanced Systems of Systems
Controlling Sound Zones – with Perceptually Optimized Multichannel Signal Processing
Design Support and Tooling for Embedded Control Software
Development of Methods for Objective EEG Analysis of Brain Activity induced by Sugar, Salt, Fat and their Substituents
Distinct Element Method Modelling of Soil-Tool Interaction and Soil Movement during Tillage
Drone spots game in the field
Ear EEG-based Hypoglycaemia Alarm
Energy Demand Aware Open Services for Smart Grid Intelligent Automation
Faster surface NMR groundwater measurements with new receiver technology
Future Cropping
Game-friendly harvesting methods
The human body and the Internet
Impact of aortic valve on the stress distribution of the aortic root
Integrated Tool Chain for Model-based Design of Cyber-Physical Systems
Intelligent Scarecrows: Pattern Recognition Methods for Reduction of Human-Wildlife Conflicts
Low Voltage/Low power design in future nodes
Manufacturing Research
Millimetre wave silicon photonics for remote sensing and wireless links
Modelling of Sensor-Fusion in a Surveillance System using System-of-Systems Techniques
Neurotechnology for 24/7 mental state monitoring
Off-line and on-line logistics planning of harvesting processes
Optimising Performance and Welfare of Pigs using High Frequent Radio Frequency Identification and Synergistic Control
Performance of TAVI valves
Quantum cryptography on the standard fibre network
Safer Autonomous Farming Equipment
Scalable Energy Management Infrastructure for aggregation of Households
Self-powered system-on-contact-lens for intraocular measurements in patients with glaucoma
Smart IT platform for the care and nursing sector
Smart weed recognition will reduces pesticide consumption
TMS Experiment with Mobility in the Physical World using Overture
Valve-in-valve therapy – fracture mechanics of bioprosthetic heart valves
Virtual Power Plant for Smart Grid Ready Buildings and Customers

Mechanical Engineering

5900 kilometers on a single litre of Petrol
Complex Networks of Smart Energy Systems
Cracks in Composite Materials
Green Magnets
Large Scale Component Flexible Machining Cell
Mainstreaming Controlled Traffic Techniques and Optimisation of Movements
Mainstreaming Controlled Traffic Techniques and Optimisation of Movements
Multiannual Clover Grass Fields for Pasture
Off-line and on-line logistics planning of harvesting processes
Production planning of energy systems – Cost and risk assessment for district heating
Biomass from pasture areas
Resource efficient cities implementing advanced smart city solutions
Smart Integrated Livestock Farming
Variable Rate Operations for Orchards
Variable Rate Operations for Orchards

Electrical and Computer Engineering