AU Engineering at Aarhus University

The research activities in AU Engineering are organised in four research sections. Across these sections, the department selects a number of research areas that have particular societal relevance or commercial perspectives.

Applied research
The Department of Engineering conducts research of a high international standard and is at the forefront with the development of new knowledge and technology-based solutions that can improve the quality of life of members of the public, create a greener environment, strengthen the competitiveness of Danish companies or in some other way enhance the value of society.

In the interface between these four research areas, the department regularly selects a number of cross-cutting research initiatives that are of significant relevance to society or have the potential for contributing significantly to the Danish economy.

Education programmes based on research and development
The Department of Engineering collaborates closely with the Aarhus University School of Engineering to promote research and development-based educational programmes for engineering students at all levels so that they attain a strong and competitive expertise profile in a globalised labour market.

Meet the researchers

In this video researchers from the Department of Engineering, Aarhus University present different research projects.