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Opening of the AU Digital Twin Center

Come to the opening of the Aarhus University Centre for Digital Twins.

02.04.2019 | Peter Gorm Larsen

Dato man 06 maj
Tid 12:30 16:00
Sted Peter Bøgh Auditoriet, Nygaard-bygning, Finlandsgade 23, 8200 Aarhus N

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12:30: Welcome to the new center for Digital Twins at Aarhus University,
Lars Henrik Andersen, Dean of Science & Technology, AU

12:40: Why fund new research exploring the limits of digital twins?,
Kim Nøhr Skibsted, Executive director, The Poul Due Jensens Foundation

12:50: The potential use of digital twin in engineering education,
Thomas Skjødeberg Toftegaard, Head of the Department of Engineering, AU

13:00: The overall vision of the research to be conducted in the Digital Twin Center, Peter Gorm Larsen, Professor and Head of the AU Digital Twin Centre

13:30: The foundations underlying the Digital Twin research,
Jim Woodcock, Professor, University of York/(to become part-time AU)

13:50: Cyber and the City: creating a Lab for Digital Twin Technology in Newcastle,
John Fitzgerald, Professor and Head of the School of Computing, Newcastle University

14:10: Using Co-simulation in the Digital Twin setting,
Cláudio Gomes, PhD student Antwerp University/(to become AU)

14:30: The vision of digital twins in water management,
Jesper Kjelds, Chief Digital Information Officer, Aarhus Vand

14:50: The vision of digital twins in agriculture,
Ole Green, chief executive officer, AgroIntelli

15:10: The vision of digital twins in manufacturing,
Casper Hansen, chief executive officer, Technicon

15:30: Reception

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