Agro-Biotechnology Science

Lipids are a core research area. It is one of the main natural bioresources including a wide category of materials that have an immiscible nature in water. Aside from oils and fats, which compose more than 90 per cent lipids in nature, there is a long list of minor lipid sources which are essential compounds.

Lipids are central materials in food. However, they are vital in feed, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical industries as well as in the energy industry.

As the highest calorie containing bioresource, the technical handling of the material is critically important nowadays, from health for food to sustainability and biodegradability for technical uses. The area covers all aspects of lipid processing as well as application technology in various uses. Lipids functionality is also a central part of our research.

Research into lipid processing and derivatization is a well-established research activity which is well-equipped in terms of laboratory and pilot facilities as well as analytical instrumentation.