Biomasses can act as building blocks for much more than just energy. Conversion into polymer products and composite materials are especially interesting with respect to re-cycling of materials and being an alternative to oil-based products.

Our aim is to establish the Center for Biorefining Technologies (CBT) as a central point in Denmark for upscaling and integration of biorefining technologies. 

The Strategic foci of the Centre for Biorefining Technologies are:

  1. Biorefining for Value added products: Feed, chemicals and fuels
  2. Engineering science in biorefining processes – Efficiency
  3. Develop processes in pilot/demo scale - Scalability
  4. Synergy in combined biorefining processes – Process integration


The Centre has a wide range of pilot scale equipment aavailable in the kg-ton scale per hour. We are always eager to collaborate if you wish to test your biorefining technology at larger scale. 

Examples of our pilot scale equipment includes:

  • Green Protein pilot plant
  • Hydrothermal liquefaction pilot plant
  • Hydrothermal Carbonization pilot plant
  • Fermentation
  • Pre-treatment (Extrusion)
  • Vacuum Distillation
  • Membrane separation (Ultra-, nano-, micro-, RO)
  • ...