Molecular Engineering



The concept of Molecular Engineering was introduced in 1956 by A. von Hippel in a Science paper, where Molecular Engineering was defined as:

"It is a new mode of thinking about engineering problems. Instead of taking pre-fabricated materials and trying to devise engineering applications consistent with their macroscopic properties, one builds materials from their atoms and molecules for the purpose at hand."

The group of Peter Kristensen is especially focusing on Molecular Engineering within the field of Biotechnology; this mean that we develop new and optimise existing biological molecules in the form of proteins.

Directed Evolution of proteins (molecular engineering) rely either on screening of large mutant libraries or by selection of such libraries.

Our group focuses on the application and development of selection technologies, among these phage display has been instrumental.

Selection technologies in general build on the coupling of genotype and phenotype, as the central dogma of molecular biology dictates that replication of proteins is not possible unless they are physically coupled to the genes encoding the same.



We focus on application and development of Darwinian selection technologies, however our mantra is: "technologies should only be developed when they allow new knowledge to be gained."

We believe that technological developments is fostered by applying the technology to solve different problems, thus we collaborate on a variety of different projects which include:


Identification of new diagnostic or therapeutic targets on Breast Cancer Stem cells

Identification of new diagnostic or therapeutic targets on Circulating Colon Cancer Cells.

Engineering of new anti-angiogenic antibodies for application in cancer therapy

Engineering of new pro-angiogenic antibodies for application in age related disease

Development of new strategies within the field of age related neurological diseases.

New concepts of Proteasome regulation by oxidative stress

Optimisation of enzymatic function for lipid manipulation


The technologies which we are developing and optimising relates to

Phage display of proteins

Antibody Engineering

Mutant Library construction

Non-Natural amino acids