Fluid dynamik og bygningsventilation

Vision and focus of the research group is to maintain its expertise in optimal indoor climate and air quality control for life, including human, plant and farming animals. Air motion and distribution in ventilated room space; mass & heat transfer in air and boundary layer.

Main research activities and competences:

  • Indoor climate and air quality control based on occupant’s response (Bio-response);
  • Modelling air distribution in ventilated room
  • CFD (computational Fluid Dynamics)
  • Experimental methods & sensor techniques
  • Experimental airflow dynamics
  • Natural ventilation & Hybrid ventilation
  • VOC in air & Emission control
  • Thermal comfort & effective thermal modelling for life
  • Precision ventilation & advanced air distribution system
  • Ventilation, structures & energy
  • Interdisciplinary research of air quality, thermal, light & sound environments for life
  • Energy effective ventilation and air conditioning

The research group has the state-of-the art facilities and instrumentation to conduct experiments under controlled conditions in an air physics lab, wind tunnel and climate lab, full scale test chambers and the numerical laboratory of Air Fluid Dynamics with powerful computers; has many year research experiences in engineering solutions for livestock building ventilation design, control of air distribution, indoor climate, air quality and emissions and collaborations with industry.

Study programmes

The research group is responsible for the research-based education of MSc in airflow dynamics and building ventilation at Aarhus University.