Socio-Technology Design

The design research is a cross-disciplinary research group currently including competences from architecture, industrial design, interaction design and anthropology inspired design. We believe that design skills are built on solid artistic and academic foundation and best executed in a strong technical environment with the aim of serving both people, culture and nature. In this context, design is an interdisciplinary practice merging strong technical competences, aesthetic and social concerns. Our design endeavours focus equally at the object of design and the impact of design and allows for embracing all the prefixes (strategic, interaction, service, etc.) of design. In particular, we are concerned with the interplay between social constructions, designed artefacts and spaces in all its shapes, whether manifested in materials or concepts.

We pursue multi-scientific research and teaching for synergies and critique. The Design research group serves to bridge engineering disciplines reaching into other Science and Technology departments such as Computer Science and across to faculties such as Health, Business and Social Sciences and Arts e.g. departments of Aesthetics and Culture and Anthropology.

The group deploys the approach of Research-through-Design to develop new knowledge and understanding, putting sketching, co-creation and innovation framing at the heart of the research and teaching endeavours. Our way of working oscillate between design as speculation, and design for public and commercial good. The group takes point of departure in design being an exploratory practice where framing and re-framing questions matter as much as iterations on solutions.

Current research themes

  • Spatial Agency
  • Shape changing interfaces
  • Design & circular economy
  • Digital Fabrication
  • Research through Design
  • Co-creation
    • Public services,
    • Patient empowerment in healthcare services
    • Urban life