Communications Systems

The communications systems group is using holistic methodology and interdisciplinary enabling techniques to design reliable and flexible wireless communication algorithms and protocols for ultra-low power devices in wireless sensor networks and Internet of things. We are interested in areas from the eHealth, Smart Grid, Smart Transportation to the agriculture domain.

Communications systems

Main scientific and technical interests:

  • Internet of things
  • Smart grid communications
  • Wireless body area networks
  • Compressive sensing for wireless communication and 5G
  • Network coding
  • Applied signal processing for ultra-low power communication system
  • Cyber and network security


We apply our research across several application domains such as smart grid communication, wireless body area networks for eHealth, intelligent agriculture, smart transportation and others.


Smart grid communication


  1. Ensuring privacy
  2. Big data management
  3. Provide Demand Response
  4. Security
  5. Virtual Power Plant design

Research directions

Virtual Power Plant Design for Smart Energy Buildings, Electricity Load Forecast Models, Demand Response Aggregation, Internet of Things, Protocol Prototyping, Security, Privacy, Home Area



  • Extremely Limited Resources
  • Harsh Signal Conditions
  • Low Power Operation


  • Energy & Bandwidth Efficiency
  • Wireless Reliability
  • Minimum Complexity

Application domains

  • Wireless Body Area Networks
  • Wireless Sensor Networks
  • 5G Systems

Research directions

Compressive Sensing, Generalized Non-uniform Sampling, Low complexity Coding Techniques, Link Adaptation, Partial Packet Recovery, Cross-Layer & Optimal Protocol Design