Pervasive Systems

The Pervasive Systems group investigates how to enhance and enrich peoples' daily life by augmenting natural living and work environments by non-obtrusive information technology. Research activities cover pervasive computing, systems engineering, ambient assisted living, distributed computing, signal processing and machine learning.


The Pervasive Systems group focuses on graceful augmentation of natural living and work environments by computing, communication, and visualization capabilities to support people in their daily activities. The group develops theories, methods, and proof of concept prototypes to enable and showcase the potential of future pervasive systems. Our applications focus mainly on the healthcare sector and we are in a long-term collaboration with Aarhus University Hospital; however, we constantly strive to deliver pervasive systems' insights and inspiration to all areas of society.

The group foresees that a seamless integration of the physical world with sensors, actuators, and non-obtrusive information technology will pave a sustainable way for societies toward higher living standards with greater levels of comfort, safety, and work efficiency. Emerging application areas within pervasive systems include healthcare, energy production, agriculture, environmental monitoring, transport, and industrial safety. Common for all of these application areas is the necessity to develop novel theories and methods to enable large-scale, heterogeneous, autonomous, wireless, and distributed systems with efficient data acquisition, processing, and visualization capabilities. The  Pervasive Systems group is at the forefront of this exciting research and development endeavour.


The research activities of the Pervasive Systems group focus on:

  • Pervasive computing, systems engineering and ambient assisted living.
  • Distributed computing, signal processing and machine learning.

The group has led and participated in several EU and nationally funded research projects and we have co-organised a number of conferences and workshops within our area of expertise. We are very open for collaboration and exchange of ideas; do not hesitate to contact us.


The Pervasive Systems group teaches and supervises students at BSc, MSc and PhD level, and the group has co-organised a number of summer schools.

The courses currently taught by the group are:

  • PhD: Journal club on scientific writing in engineering
  • MSc: Advanced pervasive computing
  • MSc: Middleware and communication protocols
  • MSc: Decision support systems
  • MSc: Telemedicine systems
  • MSc: Pervasive healthcare
  • MSc: Ambient assisted living 
  • BSc: Applied pervasive computing
  • BSc: Object oriented network communication
  • BSc: Interaction design for embedded systems
Photo: Lars Kruse, Aarhus University.


We are very open for collaboration and exchange of ideas with students and prospective partners from academia and industry. Do not hesitate to contact us.