"We just need a sort of index of how the picture is built up. Like the instructions for a Lego kit. A detailed list of how to put the picture together with bits from other pictures," says Associate Professor Daniel Lucani Rötter. Photo: Peer Klercke.

2019.03.22 | Department of Engineering

Deatomizing the web: New project tackles the bottleneck of superfast cloud computing

Access is becoming a growing bottleneck for a speedy internet. A new project aims to help reduce the amount of storage space needed for every single file on the web.

Aarhus University has received 37 per cent more applications for engineering programmes through quota 2. Photo: Melissa Bach Yildirim, AU Foto.

2019.03.19 | AU Engineering

Rise in applicants for engineering programmes at Aarhus University

More than ever have applied for an engineering programme at Aarhus University via quota 2. IT programmes are particularly popular.

"Our research laboratory is of key importance for our researchers and students. We are extremely grateful to Keysight and to the Foundation for their donation to support the establishment of this world-wide centre dedicated to research and development of next-generation wireless transceivers," said Prof. Domenico Zito. Photo: Lars Kruse / AU Foto.

2019.03.11 | Department of Engineering

New world-class research laboratory opens at Aarhus University

The new state-of-the-art international facility will enable the innovative development of wireless transceiver technology for next-generation communications


Thu 28 Mar
10:00-11:00 | 3210 – 03.070, NAVITAS, Inge Lehmanns Gade 10, 8000 Aarhus C
Ph.d. Defence: The European power grid of the future – what it looks like and who has to pay
Ph.d. student Bo Tranberg, Department of Engineering
Thu 28 Mar
10:00-14:00 | Mogens Zielerstuen, Frederik Nielsens Vej 2, 8000 Aarhus C
Open Science seminar: Composite Materials – how to combine the best of two worlds
The demands on materials with specific mechanical properties is huge. Sign up for this interesting Open Science seminar on composite materials by 26 March. Participation is free, but registration is necessary.
Fri 05 Apr
08:00-16:00 | Aarhus University, Finlandsgade 23, 8200 Aarhus N
Digital Innovation Festival
Digital Innovation Festival is a festival that celebrates digital innovation among students, researchers and the industry by gathering a variety of events into a single week.