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The researchers expect to achieve a significant step towards the deployment of photonic quantum technologies out of the research lab. Their strategy is to use mature technologies that are already now available through reliable foundry services. Photo: Colourbox

2020.05.20 | Department of Engineering

Photonics engineers and physicists ally to make encryption completely secure

In our increasingly digitised society, exchanges of private and sensitive information are almost exclusively digital. Now researchers in a new project are working on photonic integrated circuits to make our digital data secure with unbreakable encryption.

"As is often the case with physics, when you try to solve one problem, another arises in its wake. You often discover new things that turn out to be of fundamental importance, but that’s what makes engineering science so much fun," says Mikael Andersen Langthjem. Photo: Melissa Yildirim, AU Foto.

2020.05.12 | Department of Engineering

"You often discover new things that turn out to be of fundamental importance"

The world of physics is fraught with problems that we don't yet fully understand. Mikael Andersen Langthjem is trying to understand the paradoxes of physics and solve its mysteries. He is a new associate professor at the Department of Engineering at Aarhus University.

HUBCAP will organise three series of Open Calls throughout 2020-2022, with €3,2 million committed in cascade funding for SMEs.

2020.05.06 | Department of Engineering

HUBCAP will create new opportunities for SMEs in the vast domains of Cyber-Physical Systems

Is your SME providing digital technologies? Join the HUBCAP programme and we will help you with the process of finding new customers and selling your assets. Here, SMEs from all over Europe are participating in an effort to embrace digital innovation.


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