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Industrial collaboration

The Department of Engineering cooperates with a number of organisations and companies on research and development projects. The collaborations ensure that the knowledge and technology created in the university's technical environments are anchored in reality and used in society.

As a company, you can cooperate with the Department of Engineering in various ways. Please find more details below. If you have ideas for collaboration projects, please contact Andy Drysdale.

Industrial PhD program

An Industrial PhD project is a three-year industrially focused PhD project where the student is employed by a company and enrolled at a university. The PhD student divides his or her time between the company and the university.

What's in it for the company
In a dynamic world, it is important that employees have the right qualifications. Joining the Industrial PhD program allows your employee to enhance and acquire key expertise, and thereby generate knowledge that can be decisive for your company's future success and competitive advantage. 

Your company also strengthens its relations to the university environment, opening up to new research and development collaborations and allowing for continuous knowledge exchange.

Application process

To initiate an industrial PhD project the company and the PhD candidate must each prepare an application:

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Industrial postdoc

An industrial postdoc with Aarhus University is a unique opportunity for a close collaboration focused on concrete R&D projects at a company and strengthening collaborative relations between the industry and excellent researchers and research groups at Aarhus University.

What's in it for the company

Employing an industrial postdoc has many advantages for you as a company. You will get an employee that has earned a PhD degree within the last five years, and who therefore can help solve research and development task at a very high level in your company, and thus generate knowledge that can end up playing a vital role for your competitiveness.

The company also strengthens its relations to the university environment opening up to new research and development collaborations and allowing for continuous knowledge exchange.


  • Is a commercially-oriented research project performed over one to three years.
  • Must have a clear focus on the company’s commercial development.

Application process

The company applies to Innovation Fund Denmark. Innovation Fund Denmark finances part of the postdoc’s salary and travel expenses at the company as well as the university’s expenses for mentoring, equipment and so on.


Student projects

By collaborating with bachelor and master students on student projects, you get direct access to the engineers of the future, and the opportunity to begin your recruitment activities already while they are students.

Bachelor and Master projects
Many engineering students collaborate with companies on bachelor or master projects.

Generally, collaborating with students on bachelor and master projects does not involve any costs for the company. However, we recommend that the company supports the students by supplying relevant data, helping with experiments as well as travel cover costs if relevant. If you need special test equipment, prototypes, test subjects, etc., the company is expected to cover all or some of the costs related to this.

To make sure that the company also gets value out of the collaboration, it is important to allocate time for supervising the students. 

Suggestions for projects

If your company has projects that you would like our students to work on, we encourage you to add them to our job and project bank.

Research and development projects

At the Department of Engineering we have a number of research environments with high international competitiveness. When companies place part of their technological innovation activities in these environments, you gain access to the latest knowledge in the field which can often accelerate your development and enhance the value of their products and services.

Read about our research by clicking on the research areas below:

Licence agreements on the use of technology

Department of Engineering holds a number of patents that companies can utilise through a licence agreement. 


You are welcome to contact us, if you have any questions relating to industrial cooperations with the Department of Engineering: