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The 5-year Master of Science (MSc) in Engineering at Aarhus University is a research-based technical and scientific engineering programme. The programme provides solid theoretical knowledge and experimental experience, and you will learn to develop and create new knowledge within your specialist field. Aarhus University also offers good opportunities to work cross-disciplinarily with high technology. This will help you to a qualification profile that is highly sought after by private companies and research institutions.

As a graduate MSc in Engineering, you will be able to analyse and solve complex problems. In your career as an MSc in Engineering, you will be developing high-technological solutions that can pave the way for new inventions and innovation. With an MSc in Engineering, you will be a front-runner for many major changes in society and you will be able to get a job in almost any sector in which technology plays a role, both in Denmark and abroad.

The 5-year MSc in Engineering starts with the 3-year BSc in Engineering programme that automatically qualifies you for the 2-year MSc in Engineering programme.