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A ten story algae tower block won this year's Aarhus University PHD CHALLENGE  after two days of intensive idea development. (Foto: Henrik Olsen)

2012.08.21 | Knowledge exchange, PhD Students, Public / media, Department of Engineering, Environment, climate and energy

Algae tower block won research competition

A ten story tower block with algae tanks in the outer walls is a realistic future scenario at the Port of Aarhus, evaluates a group of researchers who Friday were elected winners of this year's PHD CHALLENGE.

If you wish to preserve the crispy green leaves and avoid off-odour, it is best to keep it chilled. Photo: Jens M. Madsen

2012.08.08 | Research, PhD Students, Public / media, Department of Engineering, DCA - Danish Centre for Food and Agriculture

Keep fresh greens chilled

Greens last longer if they have been kept refrigerated all the way from harvest to table. This is confirmed by studies at Aarhus University using new measuring methods.