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The majority of engineering students at Aarhus University School of Engineering come from non-academic homes. But do they perform just as well in their studies as the academics' children and will they make the same?

2012.11.01 | Education, Students, Department of Engineering

Engineers break social inheritance

Danish children must take a look at their parents' educational background and income if the want to know how things will be working out for them in the future. But for engineers it is different. They stand out significantly from other professions as pattern breakers.

A simple blood sample  - and the doctors are able to inform the patient whether she has cancer, which type it is and how she will be treated most optimally. During the next three years, researchers from Aarhus University will be working on realising this scenario.

2012.10.29 | Research, Public / media, Department of Engineering

Engineers pave the way for better cancer treatment

As entire Denmark is collecting funds for The Danish Cancer Society (Kræftens Bekæmpelse) these days, researchers are working hard in the labs. They have just received a large research grant and three years to develop a new technology to diagnose cancer by means of a simple blood sample.

Engineering students pack their old, but well-functioning lab equipment into boxes. Now, it has been shipped to a university in Ghana to increase the quality of the educations. (Photo: Carl Jakobsen)

2012.10.29 | Education, Students, Department of Engineering, Environment, climate and energy, Countries and regions

Engineers send lab equipment to Ghana

The new equipment is sparkling in the electronic labs at Aarhus University. The old equipment has been packed into boxes and shipped to Ghana. Engineering students and their teachers are working together on this donation as part of a humanitarian effort..