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Initial studies indicate that the temperature distribution in the foot may detect the disease Charcot foot which is one of the most serious late complications of diabetes.

2013.02.15 | Department of Engineering, Public / media, Students

Students provide new information about rare diabetes complication

Charcot foot is a rare and very serious late complication of diabetes which today is very difficult for doctors to diagnose. But now, there are indications that the temperature distribution in the foot from the ankle to the toe may reveal the disease at an early stage where the chances of recovery are best. Two engineering students are behind the…

After several experiments in the lab, Worawan Panpipat, PhD student at the Department of Engineering, has identified a new chemical super compound with a cholesterol lowering effect.  She has just received the International AOCS award  (American Oil and Chemists’ Society) for her research. (Photo: Henrik Olsen)

2013.02.05 | Research, Awards, Public / media, Department of Engineering, PhD Students, Staff

Researcher behind new cholesterol lowering substance

Researchers agree that plant sterols from e.g. fruit and vegetables are the keys to reduce blood cholesterol. But the natural content of cholesterol lowering substances in a normal diet is not enough. In the labs at Aarhus University, a young researcher has succeeded in producing a new, high concentration and easily-absorbed cholesterol lowering…