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A group of engineering students has created a small, new robot with built-in electronic hardware that enables it to “see”, “hear” and move concurrently with its operator. From the right: Mikkel Stampe Pedersen, Jakob Flarup Øllgaard and Allan Hansen (Photo: Henrik Olsen).

2013.01.28 | Education, Students, Public / media, Department of Engineering, Nature and technology

Students behind new robot with senses

A small, new robot has seen the light in the laboratories at Aarhus University School of Engineering. Mechanical eyes and ears allow the operator to use intuitive steering in new ways.

In a few years, the students meet the labour market when they graduate as engineers. But do they have the necessary competences to fulfill the companies' needs for innovation? These days, engineering universities from all over Europe meet at Aarhus University to put the future engineering profile in the spotlight.

2013.01.21 | Education, Events, Staff, Department of Engineering, Education, learning and philosophy, Society and politics

International conference focuses on future engineering profiles

These days, Aarhus University is hosting an international conference where 28 European educational institutions are participating. The purpose is to find the best ways on how to renew future engineering educations.

Researchers will develop a computer system to replace the manual surveillance of security-critical locations such as bridges, airports and power plants with automatic detection of any kind of suspicious behaviour.

2013.01.21 | IT, computer science and mathematics, Department of Engineering, Public / media, Research

New computer model reduces risk of terrorist attacks

Are Danish surveillance systems good enough to prevent attacks on the country's infra structure? In a new project, researchers will develop a computer program to optimise security.

After hours of sound recording and observations in intensive care units, the two engineering students Michael Thabang Jensen and Julie Liv Morin have developed the first prototype of a sound monitoring system. (Photo: Henrik Olsen)

2013.01.15 | Education, Department of Engineering, Nature and technology, Public / media

Sound monitoring system reduces noise levels in intensive care units

In the future, patients in intensive care units will have more quietness. Two engineering students have developed a prototype of a sound monitoring system that alerts nurses and doctors when the sound level in the hospital bed rooms has a negative influence on the patients' rehabilitation.

Researchers from Aarhus University are heading the development of a new system that makes it possible for the blood pressure meter to communicate with the automatic pill dispenser, the intelligent weight, the electrocardiograph and other technological products that are installed in modern assisted living facilities. The photo illustrates the engineers Finn Overgaard Hansen (right) and Stefan Wagner (left) from Aarhus University. (Photo: Henrik Olsen)

2013.01.09 | Research, Department of Engineering, IT, computer science and mathematics, Nature and technology

Researchers clean up technology chaos in the elderly care sector

Automatic door openers, anti-fall sensors, intelligent blood pressure meters, medication systems and blood sugar alarms. These are just a few examples of the electronic devices that have been developed during the latest years to make the daily life easier for the elderly and their care assistants. However, it is a problem that most of these…