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With 10 million Danish kroner funded by the Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation (Højteknologifonden), researchers speed up the development of an ear computer that decodes patterns in the brain cells' electrical activity and predicts hypoglycaemia in diabetics.

2013.06.21 | Grant, Research, Public / media, Department of Engineering

Ear computer predicts hypoglycaemia

A small device in the ear guards diabetes patients against hypoglycaemia. Small electrodes measure electric brain signals and warn the patient if the blood sugar drops to a critically low level.

[Translate to English:] Forskere fra Aarhus Universitet har netop modtaget 8 millioner kr. fra Højteknologifonden til at udvikle en ny metode til behandling af vævsskader i kroppen.

2013.06.03 | Research, Grant, Department of Engineering, iNANO

Scientists Wish To Print Cartilage Implants

Cartilage injuries are a growing worldwide health problem. In Denmark alone thousands of new cases among young people are registered every year. At present there are very few treatments, and they are in many cases insufficient – many patients experiences pain and discomfort on a day to day bases. Furthermore, many patients have to undergo several…

Zenith33 is the name of the students estimate on a future racing car. It has three wheels and runs on batteries that are supplemented by solar cells (the blue area) on the roof of the vehicle. The shape is designed as aerodynamically as possible, and the driver gets to lie down in the car. (Illustration: Team AU)

2013.05.08 | Students, Department of Engineering, Department of Environmental Science

Students design car of the future

Aarhus University students are currently combining their academic expertise with creativity to build an extremely energy-efficient eco car. They have been invited to take part in the international Shell Eco-marathon in Rotterdam, where the aim is to go the furthest on the equivalent of just one litre of petrol.