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There is no such thing of one single marker of aging. Grey hair and wrinkles are often considered typical signs of aging, but they are not good markers. Some have grey hair as early as in their 20s, and if you are a fisherman on the west coast you have typically more wrinkles than others because of the sun and wind. Therefore the researchers in the ‘Mark-age” project study the age markers in the blood.

2014.02.20 | Public / media

Blood reveals your biological age

What is your body’s biological age? There are various answers to this question depending on which body age test you take. However, researchers have now shown that you can measure the body’s exact biological age in a blood sample. These findings will have a significant impact - both on the individual’s health and on society’s economy.

Researchers are giving birth to a new method for the manufacture of bones, cartilage and joints to cure or ease tissue injuries. The method involves the printing of 3D implants for the human body to stimulate the growth of different cell types. The first results look promising, and researchers expect the technology to be ready for surgical treatment of human beings within the next three years. The photo shows Research Director Jens Vinge Nygaard, Department of Engineering, with a piece of cartilage implant – fresh from the printer. (Photo: Lise Balsby)

2014.02.04 | Department of Engineering

Researchers print implants for the body

Age-related damages in the locomotor system have taken the lead as the fastest-growing health problem in the European population. The doctors have limited possibilities of eliminating the pains and discomfort that many patients feel. But now the researchers are a step closer to finding a new treatment method that catches attention far beyond the…