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We can chose to just wait and see, gather experiences and follow the cardiac patients in the years after surgical operations. Or we can simulate an operation and have an immediate insight into how it will impact the heart over time. The last-mentioned method is possible with advanced measuring equipment which detects movements in the aortic root with no less than nine sensors. (Photo: Anders Topp)

2014.06.04 | Department of Engineering

Researchers simulate long-term complications of heart surgery

With a purpose-built simulator it is now possible to study how surgical operations of the major artery affect the heart function in the long view. This can clear the way for a better treatment of patients suffering from certain heart diseases.

The amount of money applied in the preparation of ESA’s next Mars robot called ExoMars Rover is not just peanuts. Researchers from Aarhus University stand behind a new computer-based method for testing and protection of the robot before it is sent on its first mission. The method can be used in a large number of other industrial contexts, and the experiences from three years of case-based research have now been published in book form.

2014.05.28 | Research

How to fail-safe a Mars Robot

Researchers from Aarhus University stand behind the modelling tools of the driveability of the European Mars robot which - according to the plans - will land on the red planet in 2018. The robot is the result of many years of experience with the development of fail-saving technologies which now has been issued in book form.