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The world’s growing need for microcomputers that are even smaller, faster, and more energy-efficient can possibly be met within a few years. Researchers are in full swing designing circuits with very large memory capacity and very low power consumption. The photo shows Assistant Professor Farshad Moradi. (Photo: Anders Trærup)
The traditional transistors in microprocessors are planar structures. The next generation of transistors has an advanced geometric pattern in three dimensions or more, and this provides considerably better control of the channel, less leakage current, low-voltage memory, and lower power consumption. As the illustration shows the scientists are designing new types of transistors where the gate is controlled from all sides.

2014.10.01 | Department of Engineering, Public / media

New collaboration may lead to next generation computer chips

In a new international collaboration, engineers at Aarhus University will play a key role in designing integrated circuits using new transistors. These can be used in nanocomputers with super memory capacity and ultra-low power consumption.