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High-technological faeces will detect bowel problems

A new measurement method will make life easier for people with defecation problems. A group of engineering students in Aarhus is collaborating with Chinese researchers to develop intelligent artificial faeces that can reveal what causes bowel problems in people who go to the toilet too infrequently, too often or too late.

2015.05.21 | Kim Harel

Allan Madsen (seated) with a prototype of the bag that can be pumped up with saline around the electronic suppository. He is surrounded (from left) by Simon Elefsen, Jeppe Blixenkrone-Møller, Tine Sole and Astrid Dahl Fem. All five are going to China to help finish making the artificial faeces. (Photo: Peter F. Gammelby)

Read the article in Aarhus University’s newsletter Rømer (in Danish only).

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