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Latest news from the world of engineering

Our new profile brochure has just been published. In the brochure, you can read all about the latest research in the field of engineering at Aarhus University, where we collaborate across national borders with industry and other research institutions to take technological developments to new heights.

2018.04.11 | Jesper Bruun

For example, you can read how an ancient art form has gained ground in the high-tech era, and is now used to create brand new materials with spectacular properties. Or how microscopic robots in the brain can cure terrible diseases by means of light.

You can also read about the wide range of new centres that Aarhus University opened in 2017 at which engineering plays a major role. One example is the new Centre for Innovative Food Research (iFood). Through major technological achievements and innovative thinking, engineers at the centre will contribute to solving some of the massive food-related challenges that the world faces. 

In the brochure, you’ll find fascinating news and exciting projects in areas such as artificial intelligence, climate and energy, advanced materials and the healthcare sector.

Read the brochure here



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