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Ambient Assisted Living Laboratory

The purpose of the Ambient Assisted Living Laboratory is to support academic, public sector, industry and student research, and facilitate teaching and supervision efforts within the ambient assisted living, pervasive healthcare, telemedicine, telehealth and telecare research fields and related research areas.

Ambient Assisted Living. Figure: Stefan Wagner, AU.
Ambient Assisted Living. Figure: Stefan Wagner, AU.


  • Autonomous systems to support independent living
  • Context-aware reminders and nudging
  • Telemedicine, telehealth, telecare and mHealth solutions
  • Chronic disease and health risk management applications
  • Home based health and wellness measurement and monitoring
  • Continuous vs. event-driven monitoring of patients
  • Smart homes and hospitals
  • Wellbeing and lifestyle support
  • Systems to support individuals with auditory, cognitive or vision impairments
  • Systems to support caregivers (decision support systems)
  • Clinical applications, validation and evaluation studies
  • Service-oriented architectures for distributed sensor networks
  • Applied machine learning and statistical modelling techniques


Stefan Rahr Wagner

Associate professor


Finlandsgade 22

DK-8200 AarhusN

SMART HOMES and NURSING HOMES are our main research focus.

Our research outcome is used in more than 10,000 nursing homes everyday across Europe.

We collaborate with many European enduser organisations and ambient assisted living industry partners and universities.

We have partners in 10 countries.

Smart homes and nursing homes. Figure: Stefan Wagner, AU.
Smart homes and nursing homes. Figure: Stefan Wagner, AU.