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PRIME – Programming Rig for Modern Engineering

High Performance Computer cluster for modern engineering based on CentOS, slurm, infiniband and NFS. Topics studied include: Nanomaterials, computational dynamics, tissue engineering, fracture mechanics, energy systems, molecular dynamics, computational fluid dynamics and many many more.


  • 25 compute Nodes with 24-64 cores
  • 1044 cores in total
  • 256-512 GB Memory pr. node.
  • Infiniband HDR interconnect
  • 54 TB NFS file server
  • Slurm scheduler
  • CentOS 7


You must be associated with the Department of Engineering, Aarhus University to get access.

Contact sma@eng.au.dk to get access instructions.

It is expected that employees using the cluster (either directly or through students) will contribute to the future development and maintenance by applying for money for the cluster as part of their research applications.

Students and PhD students:
Contact sma@eng.au.dk with c.c. to your supervisor to get access instructions.

Please send an email to sma@eng.au.dk when your student is no longer active.

Use in courses:
Please send an email to sma@eng.au.dk with the name of the course, when it starts and when it ends.



Inge Lehmanns Gade 10

DK-8000 Aarhus N