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GEOPAL is a Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) based system useful to plan logistics in agriculture. The system assists European farmers to improve the efficiency during the in-field and inter-field logistic activities such as harvesting, distribution and the bio-production (biomass and agri-food) supply chains.

Modern agriculture is at the stage of industrial production requiring high precision farming tools to organise the joint work on a field and the transportation of agriculture goods.
Today’s agriculture faces the barrier of information islands when organising to have different machines work together. Actually, there is no solution to organise and optimise the work of a whole fleet. GEOPAL will be able to provide increased operational efficiency, better resource usage and reduction of the risk inherent in the open-environment operations.

The advanced system GEOPAL supports in-field and inter-field agricultural logistic activities:

  • Fleet management and logistics (operations management tools and the required ICT systems)
  • Coordination, mission and route planning functionalities for field machinery
  • Closed loop integrated optimal planning, execution of automated field operations and monitoring

GEOPAL is built on existing modules pre-developed by the partners to design a new prototype which provides high accuracy features thanks to the use of the EGNOS system and GNSS signal.