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Manufacturing Research

Manufacturing Research

The business cluster DAMRC showcases the value of knowledge based collaboration between universities and the industry. For example one participating company specialised in optimising milling processes has achieved a 30 percent improvement in machining time, and another manufacturing company has gained 15-20 percent reduction of production costs.

Many different engineering disciplines will need to come into play in the knowledge collaboration between the universities and companies, if Denmark is to maintain a competitive manufacturing industry. 

The Danish manufacturing field is exposed to the growing global competitive pressure. During the last decade in particular more and more companies have outsourced all or part of their production to countries with cheaper labour.

The scientific development within both material and process technology is rapidly moving forward and manufacturing research is today one of the departments new demand-driven research areas. It is an area where research, to a great extent, is financed directly by the companies.

Knowledge must make Companies Competitive
There are high ambitions for the achievements to be made in manufacturing. The aim is for more Danish companies to benefit from state-of-the-art technologies and thereby improve the opportunities for maintaining a competitive, technologically-developed and globalised production within the country.
This requires research across all engineering disciplines. It also requires that the university has a very in-depth understanding of the innovation needs of companies and, at the same time, that we are able to bring highly-specialised skills into play both in multinational companies with large R&D departments and in small local companies with a speedy development of advanced technology.

Manufacturing is organised as part of our mechanical engineering section and the preliminary external framework is placed in Aarhus University’s participation and board activities in the business cluster DAMRC. We have also entered into the newly established national MADE organisation, where we are involved with the usage of ICT as a part of the manufacturing process.

DAMRC  – Danish Advanced Manufacturing Research Center

DAMRC is a research and development centre for advanced manufacturing and machining technologies. The core business is to transform the latest knowledge into practical solutions in close collaboration with the universities for the benefit of Danish industrial companies’ global competitiveness. The focus is on machining and new materials.


MADE  – Manufacturing Academy of Denmark

MADE is a newly established association linking all Danish universities working within manufacturing with the Danish manufacturing industry with the mission of strengthening the future Danish competitiveness within manufacturing by joining forces on a national scale.