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AU Manufacturing Technology Program

Manufacturing Technology

Industrial production is a key driver for innovation, productivity, growth and job creation in Europe.

Today, the former manufacturing excellence in Denmark is challenged by emerging technological transition driven by new trends such as additive manufacturing, digitation, automation and new advanced materials.

The focus of the program is to create new knowledge and high-tech innovation that can help rejuvenate the existing manufacturing industry and boost its industrial growth in an effective, efficient and sustainable way.

Most of the research within the program is conducted in strong collaboration with national industry. Furthermore, Aarhus University, is founding member of MADE, Manufacturing Academy of Denmark and involved in several scientific activities in DAMRC, Danish Advanced Manufacturing Research Center.

The aim is for more Danish companies to benefit from state-of-the-art technologies and thereby improve the opportunities for maintaining a competitive and globalised production within the Country.

The program includes following research topics:

  • Machining Technologies for Advanced Materials
  • Additive Manufacturing and Hybrid Manufacturing Platforms
  • Joining Technologies/Composite Technologies
  • Improved Tool Material
  • Smart Industrial Products with Embedded Electronics Connected to the Internet
  • Big Data Analytics for Manufacturing Systems


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