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Tectonic Architectural Engineering

Tectonic Architectural


How can materials be formed and used in building constructions to create a whole with the specific social and cultural context they are a part of? This is what tectonics is about. It is a new research discipline at Aarhus University within architectural engineering and Professor Poul Henning Kierkegaard is using his expertise to create optimal compromises between design and technology in new buildings.

Aarhus University has established Tectonics as a new science discipline within Architectural Engineering. It focuses on the interaction between traditional engineering and architecture. The aim is to integrate technology with aesthetics and meet society’s rapidly growing demand for knowledge about how to design functional buildings with inherent architectural qualities.

It is an ambitious initiative, which requires comprehensive interdisciplinary studies of new materials, building systems, digital design methods and production processes.

Researchers focus on the early stage of the building design process in particular with a considerable number of theoretical studies of how to change the perception of building components from simply being technical elements to also being architectural features that have an impact on users.

In addition, researchers are involved in developing new advanced technology methods to test and verify the way in which building aesthetics or the overall layout of a building and its architectural qualities affect people’s physical and mental well-being.

In terms of education, the tectonic focus results in an enhanced academic profile for the graduate engineers who will make their mark in future on the existing building culture and carry their tectonic understanding out into the building branch.