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Agricultural Machinery
with Computer Brains

User-centric adoption of sustainable farming operations involving ICT and robotics

Case: Grassland harvesting operations for biogas and bio refinery plants
Lowland areas and other marginal areas form a huge and currently unused resource of biomass for the biogas and bio refinery industry. Alone for Denmark, it has been estimated that 160-180.000 hectares of unused lowland could be harvested if the appropriate technology was available.

This project will develop a novel lightweight, autonomous machine concept for economically and environmentally sound harvest of grass on lowland. The project will adapt an existing commercial mower into an autonomous robot platform, develop implements for cutting, collecting and
transporting the harvested material out of the field and develop software to plan, schedule, document and visualize the harvest operation.

Additional, the concept will be demonstrated in three countries under realistic field conditions,
but following all current safety regulations. Finally, the project is seen as a stepping-stone towards future autonomous work units coupled with efficient management systems.