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Microbiology Seminar

High hydrostatic pressure adaptive strategies in an obligate piezophile Pyrococcus yayanosii

10.12.2019 | Alberto Scoma

Dato ons 08 jan
Tid 13:30 14:30
Sted Ny Munkegade 114, 8000 Aarhus C, 1540-116 - coffee room

Dr. Grégoire Michoud

Biological and Environmental Sciences and Engineering Division (BESE)

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST)

Saudi Arabia

High hydrostatic pressure adaptive strategies in an obligate piezophile Pyrococcus yayanosii

Pyrococcus yayanosii, a hyperthermophilic archaea from the order of Thermococcales, is the first strict piezophile described so far. To study the mechanisms that this species implements to cope with high hydrostatic pressure, multi-omics analyses were undertaken at different sub and supra-optimal pressures. To distinguish, stress and adaptation effects on the cell, we compared the results obtained on a piezosensible Thermococcale, Pyrococcus furiosus. In silico analyses showed that P. yayanosii is highly adapted to its harsh environment with a loss of aromatic amino acid biosynthesis pathways and a high constitutive expression of the energy metabolism. Differential proteomics and transcriptomics analyses indicate that P. yayanosii acts essentially on its mechanisms of energy production (hydrogen metabolism), mobility (chemotaxis), translation (ribosomal proteins) and defense mechanisms (CRISPR/cas) to cope with hydrostatic pressure stress while key hydrostatic pressure-responsive genes in P. furiosus are involved in translation and mobility (archaellum).

Short Bio Dr. Grégoire Michoud has been a Post-Doctoral Scientist at KAUST Saudi Arabia, since April 2015. He obtained his Ph.D. from the Université de Bretagne Occidentale, in Brest France. His primary research interest focuses on the characterization of the coping mechanisms of prokaryotes in extreme environments (deep sea, brine pools, etc.) by functional genomics and cultures approaches. He is also interested in high hydrostatic pressure experiments concerning either the cultural, biochemical, physical or genomic standpoints.

For more info, please contact Alberto Scoma – as@eng.au.dk

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