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Student collaboration

Why collaborate with ENG students?

Have you considered involving students in your research and development projects or are you looking after an engineering student for a student job?

Our students are eager to put their skills and knowledge into practice.  The student can help you with different engineering challenges and product development. There are multiple advantages to working with students from Departmenent of Engineering:

  • Access to the newest academic knowledge and methods

  • Investigating issues and solving problems that the company itself does not have the skills or resources to handle

  • Contributing to upgrading the student's job readiness

  • Gaining an insight into student competencies

  • Access to and potential recruitment of future graduates

To enable more students and companies to collaborate we are creating ENG Project Bank where your company can list potential project ideas.

Types of collaboration

All student at Department of Engineering have the opportunity to work with a company or public sector body on temporary projects. By this the students will gains experience of the real world and you will get:

  • A specific problem solved by an academic student
  • Recruitment opportunities among top students
  • Dedicated and well-trained manpower
  • Access to the latest knowledge, analyses and methods from the Department of Engineering

Your company or organization have the opportunity to cooperate with students at several points during their education.  The projects are supervised by an academic with knowledge of the given topic and optionally a project supervisor from the company.

Project typeLevelWhenDuration*
Bachelor projectBachelor (6. semester)Spring14 weeks (up to 450 hrs)
Other projectsMaster (9.semester)Spring or autumn14 weeks (150-450 hours depending of the project type)
Master ThesisMaster (9.-10. semester)Spring and/or autumn14-28 weeks (900-1800 hrs)

* the student will use up to 1/3 of time for preparing the written report.

Some of our education will host a project day where companies and various research groups present their research and future projects to the students.

Can I participate?

Yes, the offer is open and potentially anyone can participate. However, the project must have relevance for the students' education and be within the institute's research interests. You can read more about the departments research interest here.

When a student and a company enter into an agreement on an internship or on projects, it is important that the academic and professional challenges and the student match, so that both parties will benefit from the outcome. The problem statement is prepared in collaboration with the student, supervisor and the company, but it is the supervisor at AU, who determines the purpose of the project.

A typical host often employs engineers or others in the natural sciences. In addition, the host will be able to see the project as an opportunity to recruit future engineers and develop collaboration with both the student and the supervisor at the institute.

How to get started

The institute invites interested companies and organizations to create a company profile that becomes part of a dynamic and growing catalog of inspiration for engineering students.

Companies and organizations are presented with:

  • Logo
  • Pictures
  • Profile Description
  • Link to website
  • Contact person.

Practical information

The project can be made individually or in smaller groups. The practical part of the project can be done at the company site or at the university. In order for you as a company to get something out of a bachelor's or master's project, it is important that time is allocated for supervision.


We recommend that the company assist with providing relevant data and conducting trials, as well as contribute to travel expenses if applicable. If special test equipment, prototypes, test subjects, etc. are required, the company is expected to finance this in whole or in part.



It is highly recommended that sharing of project ideas begin as soon as possible, as the students need approval for their project in December (projects starting in Spring semester) or June (projects staring in Fall semester)

Rules and regulations


Property rights

When a company or organization decides to enter into a project, they enter into an official collaboration agreement with the student and the University of Aarhus.

Together, the student, the University and the company or public-sector authority draw up a contract to ensure that all parties agree on the process.

In addition, the student must establish a project agreement with the University of Aarhus at kontrakt.scitech.au.dk.

Student Job

Beside collaborating with student in a project, many of our students are also interested in relevant student job. If you are looking for talents for specific student job, you are welcome to post study-relevant job at AU job- and project bank

When posting a job for engineering student, please be aware of that a student normally have 25 scheduled teaching hours per week, thereto come preparation time, which means that a student normally spend 45 hours per week for studying.