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Your company/organisation has the opportunity to cooperate with students at the Department of Engineering at several points of times during their education. This could be during courses, projects or their final thesis. To enable the collaboration between students and companies we have created the ENG Student Project Bank, where your company can propose potential project ideas. Your ideas will then be matched with relevant supersiosor and student(s).

When signing up for the ENG Student Project Bank, the University of Aarhus stores the information you provide to us. The information will be used for matching relevant researcher to your project ideas and the ideas will be exposed to our students. After signing up, we will use your email address to send you relevant news about possibilities for business collaboration. You can unsubscribe from the catalogue at any time or have your information corrected us. You do this by sending a request to the contact on the website.

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Stine Winther Kristensen

Uddannelsesplanlægger Institut for Ingeniørvidenskab

Andy Drysdale

Teamleder Institut for Ingeniørvidenskab - Business Relations and Partnerships, Navitas


Guide: In order to increase our students' opportunities to do relevant projects in collaboration with companies and other external organizations, we create an overview page with potential partners.

Language: English.

Description of Your Business: It may be advantageous to stick to the 500-700 character in the individual headings. It helps with the overview for the students.

Project idea proposal: Please write ½-1 page about your projects ideas. This will be used to match your project ideas with a relevant researcher. Together with the student and researcher you will make the final problem statement.

Pictures: 2-3 pictures should suffice. You have the opportunity to upload images that either describe your business or are relevant to the topics and areas the student may be working on. 

NOTE: By uploading images, it is accepted that the images are displayed on Aarhus University's websites. REMEMBER, crediting copyright holders in the comments section.