AU Sustainable Energy Technology Program

Sustainable Energy Technology

New technologies pave the way for a sustainable transformation of the global climate, and in near future we will come to experience changes in the way we produce, distribute, store and use energy.

Denmark is in the forefront of the technology development with an ambitious political agenda of becoming independent of fossil based fuels within the next decades.

The focus of the program is to create new high-tech innovations that can ensure a sustainable and intelligent energy supply, integrating sources such as solar, wind, hydrogen and biomass in an intelligent power grid.

The program includes following research topics:

  • Energy Efficient and Indoor Climate in Buildings
  • Flow Battery Energy Storage
  • Smart Energy Grids
  • Power-to-Gas technologies
  • Complex Sustainable Energy Systems
  • Wind Atlas
  • Biogas-to-Grid-Integration Technologies
  • Composite Materials for Wind Turbines Blades
  • Nano-Materials for Enhanced Photovoltaic
  • Production Technologies for Wind Turbines


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